Sharing the Bread: Our Roots Thanksgiving Luncheon

We love our friends over at Roots Charter High School. We headed over to their West Valley campus to serve up our THIRD ANNUAL Thanksgiving Dinner with them last week.

Cuisine Unlimited provided a gorgeous feast, several local Kneader donated pies, and Barebones and Goal Zero employees donated their lunchtime to prepare and serve the students. High school eating areas are typically abuzz with conversation and excitement, but this felt especially anticipatory.

The students were eager to eat and help and seemed really appreciative. We left the day with full bellies of delicious food, fun conversation with people who care about them, and an emotional speech from Robert about all of us taking care of one another.
We originally connected to Roots because of a chance meeting with Tyler Bastian, the director and Founder. His passion for providing students with the opportunity of learning in a farm and garden environment resonated with Robert and Tifie Ranch: the responsibility of caring for plants and animals, the opportunity to do math and science activities in a real-world lab, and the simple joy of digging in the dirt.

One teacher wrote us the next day that a new student told her that out of all the schools he has been too (and this student has been to a lot!) he had never seen something done for students as amazing as that luncheon was. She also said

We had several students who normally have a “tough guy persona”, who honestly were in awe of the generosity of you all. I cannot tell you how touching it was for me to see their whole being just soften for the rest of the day. Carrying around their little boxes of food, and plates of cookies like they had just won the lottery. I saw actual smiles of joy on their faces.

From my favorite Thanksgiving book, “Sharing the Bread”.

We will share the risen bread.
Our made-with-love Thanksgiving spread.
Grateful to be warm and fed.
We will share the bread.

We are thankful to share our abundance with our Roots Family, and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, with friends, family and food that warm your hearts and souls.

Happy Thanksgiving all.
Halen and Team

Join Us: Michael Pollan in Salt Lake City

Thursday, June 29th
6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Red Butte Gardens
300 South Wakara Way
Salt Lake City, Ut 84108

Join Michael Pollan, AWARD-WINNING ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALIST and New York Times bestselling author, for a lecture and private reception at the Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City on Thursday, June 29th, from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. After the lecture, there will be a book signing followed by local bites, cocktails, and the music of Pixie and the Partygrass Boys.

Pollan’s work surrounds the philosophy that there is an inherent CONNECTEDNESS IN THE NATURAL WORLD. He believes that when we take time to pause and value that relationship, we make POSITIVE, CONSCIOUS CHOICES in how we treat the environment and our bodies, which will have a dramatic impact on our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

All proceeds from this event will benefit the great work that the International Rescue Committee is doing with local refugees to help them cope with their new situations through the HEALING POWER OF NATURE. Once they have relocated to the United States, refugees – especially women—can feel very vulnerable and are often faced with trauma, mental distress, and anxiety. They worry about how their children will adjust to their new city, if their neighbors will accept them, and how they will be able to provide a safe, HEALTHY LIVING FOR THEIR FAMILY. The International Rescue Committee not only helps resettle refugees physically in Salt Lake City, but emotionally as well through their refugee gardening program, New Roots. At this program, refugees are taught GARDENING AND FARMING SKILLS to gain financial independence, and are also given the opportunity to form friendships and discuss some of the mental trauma and other issues that they are facing here

Buy Tickets Here (100% of ticket sales will be donated to IRC, thanks to our sponsors!)

Internship in Peru this summer!

Tifie is looking for two amazing individuals to go to Peru to work with our Greenhouse Project. One is focused on Greenhouse Best-Practices and the other is focused on Sales and Marketing for the local vendors. Spanish speaking would be helpful, but not necessary. Internship is on-site in Peru for 6-8 weeks and will be working closely with our project manager, Jaime Figuerero, a BYU graduate who has over 20 years experience in humanitarian projects.

More detailed job descriptions below. Please contact [email protected] for more info.


TIFIE PERU INTERNSHIP                                 

INTERNSHIP #1 Crop Distribution/Market Analysis

INTERNSHIP #2 Sales/Marketing


Time:                  Spring/Summer 2017 between June and Nov

Duration:           4 to 8 weeks. Negotiable.

Location:           Sacred Valley, Cuzco area, Peru

Transportation: Local, by motorcycle or car

Airfare:              Intern is responsible for airfare to/from Cusco

Lodging:           Provided by Tifie in the city of Cuzco

Payment:           Unpaid, but trip to Machu Picchu is provided


Location Background: The Chinchero, Anta, Oropesa & Sacred Valley are located in Peru near Cuzco and Machu Picchu The Cuzco area is an active tourist center with hotels, restaurants and great affluence of people from all over the world. Except for corn and potatoes, 80% of all produce is imported from other parts of Peru, creating an opportunity for organic produce to be delivered to Cuzco from the Chinchero areas. Tifie’s Greenhouse projects aims to provide local farms the opportunity to meet the need for organic and local produce, while benefiting and increasing local farmer income.

Tifie’s Project Intention:

Many humanitarian organizations have built greenhouses in the villages to aid these villages and Tifie Humanitarian is revitalizing these greenhouses by making them more productive through various methods such as venting, re-positioning, crop rotation, fertilization, and organizing commercial farming.  The Tifie Humanitarian Peru Project is managed by Jaime Figueroa who has 28 years experience humanitarian service and received his MPA at BYU.


  • Spanish preferred, but not required
  • Willing to knock doors and talk to restaurant
  • Ability to lift up to 30 pounds

Sales/Marketing Internship Description:

  • Intern will study Cuzco restaurant market to determine which vegetables are in the highest demand, and make recommendations based on need
  • Identify sales pricing on produce
  • Based on a SWOT analysis, make distribution (delivery) plan and make recommendation of the most efficient and profitable delivery model
  • Identify available greenhouse and farmers that can produce and become part of the Tifie Greenhouse Co-Op
  • Help Jaime to create and update documents in Google Drive
  • Develop a system where Jaime could send more pictures to USA & develop easy collaborative tracking and documentation.


At the end of this internship, Tifie would like the following:

  • Recommendation of produce that local restaurants want and the cost that the restuarnts will pay
  • Sales Leads of Restaurants who will purchase from Tifie Greenhouse
  • Distribution Plan from Chinchero to Cusco with Budget




Crop and Natural Fertilization Analysis/Greenhouse Production/Hydroponic Production Systems


  • Analyze greenhouse crops to determine best crops to plant based on production demand, environment, elevation etc
  • Work with Sales/Marketing Intern to determine crops that are in demand in the city and markets, and what varieties are the best
  • Become our Biol Expert by monitoring natural fertilizer composition (biol) and application to determine most effective composition to produce highest yields. Also monitor hydroponic using minerals solve in the water vs. biol. Apply basic hydroponics in 10 elementary schools.
  • Become our Greenhouse Expert by working with Jaime, document the best practices for high yield and sustainable greenhouse. Also document how local farmers can modify existing greenhouses to increase yield

    At the end of the internship, Tifie would like the following:

  • Crop Recommendations for the area
  • Biol “Quick Fact” Guide and Instruction Guide for others to create Biol
  • Greenhouse Best Practices in Chinchero Area


For additional questions about the internship, please contact Ron Zarbock, Tifie Chairman of the Board at [email protected] or 801-831-9303

Tifie exists to support projects that help marginalized people provide for their own basic needs through sustainable access to food and water, shelter, power and education.

Rani’s Story: Bringing Life After the Earthquake

Rani holds a baby she delivered in front of a Bare Bones tent.

Rani is a Skilled Birth Attendant from the Salbaas birthing center who had provided birthing services in Chainpur, Salbaas. During the earthquakes, all of the proper supplies and equipment were buried so Rani did the best she could,conducting deliveries without even the most basic equipment. When the One Heart World-Wide team arrived with BareBones tents, they installed the tent and supplies in a location she agreed to, and not a moment too soon. That very night, the new birthing tent welcomed the first of many babies into the world.

A group of locals approached the tent assuming that we were health workers. Among them was a pregnant woman experiencing labor pains. She was immediately brought into the tent and examined by Rani, who was able to help this mother conduct a normal delivery with the help of the light from the solar equipment and supplies in the tent.
Rani and this mother’s experience have been echoed throughout both Dhading and Sindhupalchok districts, along with many additional locations that have experienced severe damage and are still reeling from the earthquakes. The tents that the One Heart World-Wide team has been installing, while not permanent, provide a space for safe deliveries while the long-term renovation plans are being finalized.

We continue to get emotional every time we receive updates from One Heart World-Wide, sharing stories of the impact of our tents in Nepal, and the tenderness and fierceness that these SBA attendants and mothers live by. As of December, there have been 424 babies born in these tents, thanks to many of you and our partners.

Giving Tuesday Roundup Utah

Why is the holiday season such a fun time? It’s a time to think of others. Nothing is more fun than finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have passed. Giving Tuesday is a special event that should become part of your yearly traditions. 
We’ve compiled a short list of projects and individuals whom you can help this #GivingTuesday ranging in projects like female artisans, small business owners, education, clean water, refugee resettlement or power for families. 
  • Amaa Dress Purchase a hand-made dress created by a seamstress in Ghana. These are  designed exactly with your measurements in mind. Your purchase employs female entrepreneurs in Utah and Ghana, starting at $40. Amaa dress is the brainchild of passionate humanitarian Crys Kevan Lee, who also is the director of Empower Playgrounds. Check them out at
  • Education Scholarship: Sponsor a student at a school in Kinshasa DRC with Tifie. Students in Congo have to pay to go to school, and are kicked off if they haven’t paid their fees. These students want to go to school so badly they will get up every day, get dressed and hide in the back of the classroom until they get kicked out for not paying. Such determination, and we can help keep them in school for just $10/month.
  • Musana Jewelry Support women artisans in Uganda by purchasing gorgeous jewelry from Musana International. Artisans are mothers who because of employment with Musana, can provide for their families with fair wages, receive subsidized medical insurance, matching education funds for their children, and on top of it, they participate in give-back programs in their own communities.  Co-Founder Melissa Sevy was recently featured in Beehive Startups in a great article that highlights the strength and beauty of Ugandan women: read the article “Jewelry, Empowerment, And Ugandan Women: The story of Musana here!
  • Sponsor a well in Liberia for $3000 with Africa Heartwood Project.
  • Help Refugees in Utah by: mentoring, collecting household items, providing work experience or donating time and skills,  For information, check out their website here.
  • Open Pantry at Roots High School.  No student should be hungry and Bare Bones Living is collecting food and supplies for their students.  Students at Roots typically arrive in the morning hungry and unfortunately, many don’t have the means for lunch. Pick up a packet of oatmeal, ramen or nuts the next time you’re at Costco and drop them by any Spherion staffing or our Tifie/Barebones office!
  • Give Power. Share Light. Partner with us to give to individuals and families solar power and light for their homes. Tifie has been working with Kushea region of Ghana for the last year, providing products and resources that create the building blocks of independence and self-suffiency. A donation today can give a family the gift of power and light. Power = family, education, opportunity, health, connection… the impact is endless! For more info and to donate, click here.

Time to roll up our tent setting sleeves!

Now this is what we have been working towards – getting safe shelters up and running to provide the much needed support for the new moms and babies of Nepal. We are thrilled to share these amazing images and video from rural Nepal, where just hours before they were captured another devastating earthquake had occurred.

If you want to help but aren’t sure what to do, take a look at our #safeshelternepal project where 100% of your donation goes straight towards the supplies, shelters, power, and light needed for these soon-to-be mommas. Donate here and watch each week to see what your donation has done for these incredibly strong moms.

Watch the Video Update here.

Thanks to for the incredible look into #safeshelternepal!


Team Tifie to ground Nepal – we have arrived!

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Well family, we have arrived! The first shipment for #safeshelternepal has dropped down and arrived in Nepal – and we are awe inspired. Just to think, last week the teams from Barebones Living, Tifie, Goal Zero, and First Mile got together to create one incredible story that begins with filling a shipping container full of tents, power, lights, and basic needs for moms and newborns of Nepal.

Our partner on the ground, One Heart Worldwide has met up with our shipment and will start to distribute it to the parts of Nepal in need. These supplies will serve as emergency birthing centers for the soon-to-be moms of Nepal who would otherwise be delivering in unsafe and unhealthy environments with little to no support.

This is just the opening chapter of an incredible journey that will be filled with amazing stories of Nepal moms, newborns and the community trying to make a difference. Let’s show the world how strong and fierce we all can be by standing up for the soon-to-be moms of Nepal, and give your secure donation here!

Let’s move mountains, are you with us?

Team Tifie

Making A Difference for Mothers in Nepal


Simply put, moms are incredible. No matter what part of the world they are in this is true for them all – moms are strong, their love is fierce, and when they stand together nothing is impossible.

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal, these soon-to-be moms are going through one of the biggest battles of all – delivering their baby without shelter, support, or basic supplies. We are urgently fundraising to send safe shelters to be used as emergency birthing centers for laboring mothers in rural Nepal, providing a clean dry place of comfort in the first critical hours of recovery for mother and newborn. We have already sent one shipment of temporary shelter, power and lights and need your help to send more.

This Mother’s day show the world just how fierce we can be by coming together and giving your support to the moms of Nepal. With just a click, your donation can begin to make waves in even the newest of beginnings. Donate securely here.

After you send your donation, we’ll send you a free download of our #safeshelterNepal printable that is a wonderful reminder that no matter where you are in the world, moms are unstoppable when they stand together.

Ready to make difference?

Team Tifie