#Power Puerto Rico

Since Hurricane Maria crashed through Puerto Rico,  95 percent of its inhabitants are without power, but Tifie and Light Up Puerto Rico are joining together to donate solar power, lights and shelters. We are sending power that will provide literal hope and light to families throughout the rural areas of Puerto Rico. Diabetics are desperate to refrigerate their insulin. Families are afraid to be outside after the sun goes down. People are unable to connect with friends and family, causing widespread fear and isolation. Something as simple as a solar-powered generator could help chase the darkness away.

So far with your help, we’ve been able to send:

We need your help to send more. Please donate today to help us purchase more solar power and lights. The need is great, but with your help we can deliver tangible hope and light into the hands of families in Puerto Rico.

Robert Workman of Tifie Humanitarian, Jorge & Cari Lu Alvarado of Light Up Puerto Rico