#Safe Shelter: Syria

Syrian Refugee Crisis, (2017)Providing Refuge for Refugees
(Safe Shelter Syria)

Children need urgent medical treatment after saran attacks.
Medical teams need a dignified and mobile base to provide life-saving services.
Families need homes, not tents,

Help Tifie provide refuge for refugees in Syria. One of the most basic needs of Syrian refugees is reliable shelter for medical treatment.

Tifie has donated 110 Barebones Outfitter tents to our partner, Direct Relief, to provide urgently needed medical treatment and shelter for victims of the current crisis in Syria. Direct Relief has received the first 42 shelters and has equipping them with lifesaving medical supplies. Direct Relief is also handling the ground logistics and transportation so that these supplies are received where they are most needed.

The refugee shelter need is greater than what Tifie and Barebones can provide, but every donation, social media share, or fundraising event helps. The Tifie endowment fund covers all administrative costs for this project, so 100% of your donation goes directly to purchasing shelters and shipping them overseas. We’ve received multiple requests for additionals shelters and need your help to provide as many shelters as possible. Please donate today and choose “Safe Shelter” to designate your donation to this cause.

Shelters on their way to Direct Relief




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Tifie is committing a minimum of $2.5 Million in shelters in the next five years to support humanitarian partners and disaster survivors around the globe. Your humanitarian organization can qualify for a matching grant that would enable you to double your impact. Contact us or Barebones to learn more now.