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Hands of Charity seeks to improve the living conditions of families in Mexico. Since 2011, Hands of Charity has organized yearly service trips where donors, volunteer families, and recipients work together to build homes, provide basic necessities, and to teach skills that promote self-reliance.

This project includes:

  • Building & improving homes
  • Sewing school-  to teach participants how to sew for their needs as well as for income
  • Gardening program- to teach families how to grow & produce commonly used foods
  • Employment program- to hire local laborers to work on houses alongside volunteers
  • Serving in the local orphanage
  • Providing school supplies for students
  • Delivering donations of food & blankets to families in need

Your donation will allow Hands of Charity to continue to improve the living conditions of families in Mexico, by helping them to “build better lives”.


Read a few of our volunteer stories to hear what we’re about!

Hands of Charity has been a life changer for our family. Five years ago, we were searching for a charity to be involved with, and we were referred to Hands of Charity. At first, our kids were not sure they wanted to give up their Christmas and donate their funds and time to serve the people of Northern Mexico. Since that first experience, they refuse to give it up. The impact on our family has been significant, and hopefully we have made the lives of others better through our involvement with Hands of Charity.

We really wanted to be involved with an organization that not only gave immediate help to those in need, but also provided tools to improve the standard of living over the long-term. Through Hands of Charity, we have been able to help provide the basic necessities of life, including shelter, food, clothing, as well as life skills to improve their lives.

From a personal standpoint, we have built incredible relationships with the wonderful people around Puerto Penasco. They are a humble people that have a great need. We have seen them experience the joy of living in a real home, the excitement of learning how to sew their own clothes, and the relief to know that they won’t go hungry.

We can tell you from firsthand experience that 100% of the donations to Hands of Charity go directly to help the people of Northern Mexico. If you are looking to support an organization that is doing some real good without any overhead, and that has pure motives, we would highly recommend Hands of Charity.

Craig and Julie Hendricks, Volunteers

Going to Mexico to do charity work changed my life. The people who live in Puerto Penasco are really poor, but so happy and thankful for all they have. It made me realize how blessed I am and how I need to be more grateful everyday for the little things in life.
Brynn, Volunteer

Hands of Charity is a completely volunteer organization with no administrative costs or employees, 100% of donations goes towards funding projects.



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