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We’re dedicated to empowering people to give more than a check; we seek out meaningful experience, we cultivate passion.

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Tifie started as a small group of people who believed their energy for doing good could make a positive difference in the lives of people who needed it most. Today, our community is for everyone who wants to be more than just a name on a ledger. Here’s our story. What will your story be?

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Donate your dollars, your time or your expertise to one of our projects or suggest one of your own. We’re committed to helping you or your company have a meaningful giving experience to a project you can truly connect to. Donate now to become part of the Tifie Community or find out more here.

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Are you an NGO who wants to partner on a project? We support projects that: Promote self-sufficiency and job creation, Provide tools for sustainable access to power, light, shelter, food and water, Increase health care or Provide education.

We believe in what we do

Bwe Village, Congo

Self Sufficient since 2009

– Healthy children in school.
– Successful entrepreneurs in the village.
– Solar Panels and LED lights dotting the night sky.
– Metal roofs instead of leaky thatched roofs.
– Motorbikes replacing broken bikes.

“My dream for the village is progress, that life will improve that the village will develop and be a good place to live.”

Chief Michel, Chief of Bwe

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