Our Purpose

Tifie Humanitarian is a Utah-based nonprofit founded by Robert and Ange Workman committed to programs and projects that help people lift themselves out of poverty through the six pillars of development: shelter, power, food, water, education and job creation. Since its inception, Tifie’s goal is to help people provide for themselves in sustainable ways. Through many “lessons learned”, we’ve realized the basic foundation of Maslov’s hierarchy of needs must be met before someone in a survival mentality can dream about their future. In our 15 years experience, we’ve created products, supported infrastructure, created large companies, provided micro-loans, invested into entrepreneurs, education and healthcare, and provided grants to organizations who do these things well.

OUR Partners

Tifie works with local organizations that understand the culture, the people, the needs, and the path forward out of poverty for the community they support. We partner with projects year over year, supporting sustainable solutions that provide access to basic needs, while building to the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. Our partners commit to sustainable long-term solutions, multiple donor partners, and accountability. Because of our multi-year commitment to our partners, we contribute to sustainable growth that expands into each of those basic need areas. Current partners include Direct Relief, Roots Charter High School, American Academy of Excellence, A Better Drill, Barebones Living.

OUR Primary Focus Areas

Our current focus for projects is centered around Education – we actively are supporting schools in Congo, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Malawi and in our own backyard of Utah. Although the focus begins in education, it expands to the other pillars: what kind of food the kids have access to at school and at home, if and where they have clean water, their access to the power grid for light and technology,, what sort of job training they are receiving so they can provide for themselves once they graduate. These building blocks all create the environment for the success of the student and their family.


Job Skills


Our Team

Robert & Angè Workman

Robert & Angè Workman

Robert and Angè Workman have been married for over 40 years, giving back through Scouting, sustainable farming, and service opportunities. When Robert isn’t at Barebones, they are outside adventuring and traveling together.


Executive Director
Halen has worked with Robert at his for-profit businesses since 2007 and has been the Executive Director at Tifie since 2014. She loves connecting great people to one another, experiencing cultures around the world, writing, reading and momming.


Chairman of the Board
Ron invests his time and energy helping people get jobs skills and careers as the owner of Spherion Staffing in the Intermountain West. He has been involved with Tifie since its inception and involved in many local Utah projects, and food and water projects in Peru.


Financial Chairman
Rick splits his time between travel with his wife, social enterprise in DRC, and real estate investment. He enjoys mentoring young social humanitarians. Rick oversees job creation projects, schools and an orphanage in the DRC and a community outreach center in Dominican Republic.

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100% of donations go directly to projects, thanks to the Tifie endowment. Not a penny of your donation goes to overhead. We are honored you trust us with your money.