Internship in Peru this summer!

  • May 5, 2017
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Tifie is looking for two amazing individuals to go to Peru to work with our Greenhouse Project. One is focused on Greenhouse Best-Practices and the other is focused on Sales and Marketing for the local vendors. Spanish speaking would be helpful, but not necessary. Internship is on-site in Peru for 6-8 weeks and will be working closely with our project manager, Jaime Figuerero, a BYU graduate who has over 20 years experience in humanitarian projects.

More detailed job descriptions below. Please contact [email protected] for more info.


TIFIE PERU INTERNSHIP                                 

INTERNSHIP #1 Crop Distribution/Market Analysis

INTERNSHIP #2 Sales/Marketing


Time:                  Spring/Summer 2017 between June and Nov

Duration:           4 to 8 weeks. Negotiable.

Location:           Sacred Valley, Cuzco area, Peru

Transportation: Local, by motorcycle or car

Airfare:              Intern is responsible for airfare to/from Cusco

Lodging:           Provided by Tifie in the city of Cuzco

Payment:           Unpaid, but trip to Machu Picchu is provided


Location Background: The Chinchero, Anta, Oropesa & Sacred Valley are located in Peru near Cuzco and Machu Picchu The Cuzco area is an active tourist center with hotels, restaurants and great affluence of people from all over the world. Except for corn and potatoes, 80% of all produce is imported from other parts of Peru, creating an opportunity for organic produce to be delivered to Cuzco from the Chinchero areas. Tifie’s Greenhouse projects aims to provide local farms the opportunity to meet the need for organic and local produce, while benefiting and increasing local farmer income.

Tifie’s Project Intention:

Many humanitarian organizations have built greenhouses in the villages to aid these villages and Tifie Humanitarian is revitalizing these greenhouses by making them more productive through various methods such as venting, re-positioning, crop rotation, fertilization, and organizing commercial farming.  The Tifie Humanitarian Peru Project is managed by Jaime Figueroa who has 28 years experience humanitarian service and received his MPA at BYU.


  • Spanish preferred, but not required
  • Willing to knock doors and talk to restaurant
  • Ability to lift up to 30 pounds

Sales/Marketing Internship Description:

  • Intern will study Cuzco restaurant market to determine which vegetables are in the highest demand, and make recommendations based on need
  • Identify sales pricing on produce
  • Based on a SWOT analysis, make distribution (delivery) plan and make recommendation of the most efficient and profitable delivery model
  • Identify available greenhouse and farmers that can produce and become part of the Tifie Greenhouse Co-Op
  • Help Jaime to create and update documents in Google Drive
  • Develop a system where Jaime could send more pictures to USA & develop easy collaborative tracking and documentation.


At the end of this internship, Tifie would like the following:

  • Recommendation of produce that local restaurants want and the cost that the restuarnts will pay
  • Sales Leads of Restaurants who will purchase from Tifie Greenhouse
  • Distribution Plan from Chinchero to Cusco with Budget




Crop and Natural Fertilization Analysis/Greenhouse Production/Hydroponic Production Systems


  • Analyze greenhouse crops to determine best crops to plant based on production demand, environment, elevation etc
  • Work with Sales/Marketing Intern to determine crops that are in demand in the city and markets, and what varieties are the best
  • Become our Biol Expert by monitoring natural fertilizer composition (biol) and application to determine most effective composition to produce highest yields. Also monitor hydroponic using minerals solve in the water vs. biol. Apply basic hydroponics in 10 elementary schools.
  • Become our Greenhouse Expert by working with Jaime, document the best practices for high yield and sustainable greenhouse. Also document how local farmers can modify existing greenhouses to increase yield

    At the end of the internship, Tifie would like the following:

  • Crop Recommendations for the area
  • Biol “Quick Fact” Guide and Instruction Guide for others to create Biol
  • Greenhouse Best Practices in Chinchero Area


For additional questions about the internship, please contact Ron Zarbock, Tifie Chairman of the Board at [email protected] or 801-831-9303

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