Tifie and Direct Relief send 15 Safe Shelters to Hurricane Harvey, Maria and Irma Victims

  • Sep 25, 2017
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Temporary shelters will be used outside of hospitals in areas affected by hurricane Harvey, hurricane maria and hurricane irma

Safe Shelters to be used outside hospitals of areas affected by Hurricanes

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria, Tifie has responded by donating shelters with Direct Relief to provide immediate support. We are sending 15 tents with Direct Relief medical donations to Anguilla, British Virgin Islands – Tortola, and St Martin.

The tents have already arrived in St Martin and will be used outside of the hospital.

How you can help with those affected by Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria

The more tents we can send, the more lives we can help. Donate to our Safe Shelter Project today (100% of your donation goes toward the project) and share the need with others.

Our past donations to Fiji, Nepal, the Philippines shows the direct impact of having a safe shelter to use for temporary medical or housing needs provides. Thank you!



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